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Before this handy safety advance, the bathroom was the most dangerous room in the house for seniors.

Anyone who wants peace of mind that their elderly family members and friends are safe at home will want to use a life-saving device.

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    William Anderson

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    3 min read

Janice T. of Cleveland, Ohio was 84 and couldn’t have been happier living on her own again. She loved living in her newly-built mother-in-law suite -- after years of living with her grown children. Everything was going well until one night when she stood to get out of her bathtub … Which had been her nightly relaxation ritual for years.

As she got out of the tub, her foot slipped, and she fell hard onto the edge of the tub.  With no time to get her hands under her to break her fall, she hit her head and ribs on the edge of the tub, giving her bruised ribs, a concussion and a nasty cut that needed 20 stitches to close.

Even worse, unable to get to her phone, she laid on the floor for 2 hours until her daughter arrived back home and found her wet, naked, shivering, bleeding and half-conscious on the floor.

As terrifying as it was for Janice and her daughter, this accident could have been much worse – with a more tragic ending.

After that scare, Janice’s daughter and her husband went to work “Seniorfying” Janice’s bathroom where they learned that most senior home accidents take place.  The first thing they installed were sturdy grab bars in the shower to prevent any further falls.

Seniors are at a higher risk of falling in a wet and slippery shower environment due to muscle loss, reduced balance and less mobility. And grab bars provide a stable and secure support system to help prevent accidents.

Safety grab bars help seniors maintain their independence for longer.

With the added support and stability provided by grab bars, older people can continue to bathe and shower safely on their own, without assistance from caregivers or family members. This contributes to their overall autonomy and dignity.

The biggest problem for many people with a project like this is installing them, if they don’t have the right tools or know-how to do it properly.

That’s what led to the initial idea for the Loft Home Essentials Support Handles. After reading about the many falls that happen in homes every year, product inventor Paul saw an opportunity to keep this from happening for seniors across America.

That’s when the idea hit him, “Why not create a new, lightweight, easily-installable and portable grab bar that is every bit as strong and supportive as “permanent” grab bars.

Easy Installation

(No Tools No Drilling)

And that’s what led to the creation of the Loft Home Essentials Support Handles.

Loft Home Essentials Support Handles provide complete safety with a revolutionary, ultra-strong suction cup design. Most popularly sold as a pair, Loft Home Essentials Support Handles are the perfect bathroom safety tool for reliable stability. They are very sturdy and durable, with 2 strong suction cups, so anyone can have a safe experience in the bathroom, bathtub, shower, and toilet. It’s also perfect for use with a shower chair or shower bench.

Having grab bars in the shower will boost a senior's confidence when bathing, and reduce the fear of falling, which can be a significant source of anxiety. Feeling safe in the shower can then lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable bathing experience.

Loft Home Essentials Support Handles are easy to use and provide a strong and convenient handhold for seniors to grip while they enter, exit, or maneuver in the tub or shower. In fact, they were specifically designed to be senior-friendly and can be easily positioned and repositioned at the right heights for any user.

This remarkable product promotes independence, enhances safety, and contributes to a better quality of life for older people as they age in place.

The Loft Home Essentials Support Handles have a water-resistant design, and the strong handles are comfortable and easy to grip with a non-slip surface for maximum stability and security. 

The revolutionary suction cup design is perfect for older people, pregnant women, kids, injured, and handicapped people in the kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, shower, and toilet.

And the two strong shower handles adhere to any non-porous and flat surface, including tile, lacquered wood, marble, metal panels, glass, smooth vinyl and acrylic board.  They quickly install on any clean, dry surface without any tools.

Plus, they can be removed or installed anywhere in a few seconds without damaging the wall.  Which means they can easily travel anywhere to use in a hotel room or guest's bathroom. Simply press the latch firmly to stick on the wall or flip the button to release.

Loft Home Essentials Support Handles significantly reduce falls in the bathroom, including the shower, that can lead to serious injuries, such as fractures, head injuries, and soft tissue damage. By using Loft Home Essentials Support Handles, seniors can reduce the risk of these injuries and avoid a trip to the hospital or rehab.

Here’s what people are saying after using them

“The best gift I have given my parents in recent years are Loft Home Essentials Support Handles. They have more than paid for themselves in prevented accidents that could have become costly trips to the ER.  So easy to use.”

- Jake K.|Verified Review

“I bought these for my wife when she was pregnant.  I love that they could be taken off when she didn’t need them anymore, and then could be put back on when we had our next baby.”

- James P.|Verified Review

“After my mom fell in the tub and broke her hip, grab bars were a must.  These were great and were so easy to install.  My husband pulled on them as hard as he could, and they didn’t budge.”

- Shana J.|Verified Review

Loft Home Essentials Support Handles are a must for seniors who want to age in place and stay fully independent for as long as possible. Installing Loft Home Essentials Support Handles in the shower is an easy and effective safety solution. Plus, they’re very cost-effective compared to other options that can cost up to $500 for bars and installation.

Loft Home Essentials Support Handles provide peace of mind for both seniors and their loved ones.  Knowing there are grab bars in the shower reduces worry about accidents and enhances quality of life.

How to get Loft Home Essentials Support Handles

The makers of the Loft Home Essentials Brand are trying to get this into as many senior homes as possible by offering a significant, limited-time promotional discount for these strong, portable and adjustable grab bars.  They can do this because they only sell directly to people online, and not in stores.

This promotion is for a very limited time only, and regular prices will return once the current inventory runs out. They ship directly from Ohio, so you’ll get your order fast.

With viral awareness and media attention on the rise, demand is high, and supplies are limited. This offer won’t last long, so be sure to follow the link below to get them NOW before inventory runs out.


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Update: the Loft Home Essentials Suppport Handles are available only through the official website.

They are not available on Amazon, eBay or Walmart. If you want to be sure that you’re buying the original product, follow the next steps:

1. Visit the official website by clicking here

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3. Get one (or more!) Loft Home Essentials Support Handles for you or friends & family! Enjoy your spa-like shower experience!

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For A Limited Time Only,
The Loft Home Essentials Support Handle is offering

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